Dietkirchen in numbers-data-facts

Sober numbers, data, facts often give clearer basic information about a place than long verbal descriptions.

Geographical location Lage

50°24′ north latitude
08°05′ east longitude of Greenwich

Surface area of Dietkirchen

309.59 ha -> the smallest district of Limburg in terms of area
155.00 ha -> agricultural use

Altitude above sea level

140 m

Local Time

Limburg local time is 28 minutes behind Central European Time (CET)..

Location description

Dietkirchen is located in direct connection to the highway A 3 Cologne-Frankfurt. From its junction, which is shown on the left in the map below, it is about 3 km eastwards via the K 473 and K 472 to the entrance to Dietkirchen.
Via the Limburg Nord highway exit, the B 49 to Gießen (approx. 60 km) and the B 54 to Siegen (approx. 70 km) can also be reached quickly.

The district road K 472 leads from Limburg through Dietkirchen to Dehrn, a district of the town of Runkel.

The ICE train station on the Cologne-Frankfurt line, located at the Limburg-South junction, further improves Limburg’s favourable transport position.

The village of Dietkirchen, which is only a short distance away from the central traffic arteries, thus offers both extremely favourable access routes and the tranquillity of a still relatively small, homogeneous village.