Capitain Louis Eugene Alexandre Hasne

If you go through the entrance gate of the cemetery, you will see immediately on the right a grave slab in the form of a flat gable roof, decorated with a large cross.
The grave slab contains an engraving :

319′ REG’ D’INF

This tombstone is the only tombstone of a French deceased prisoner of war still buried in the cemetery today.

It is the Capitaine, equivalent to the rank of Captain , Louis Eugene Alexandre Hasne.

Tomb of Capitaine Hasne

Who was Louis Eugene Alexandre HASNE?

Louis Eugene Alexandre Hasne was born on March 30, 1891 in Cherbourg (Manche) in France, he died on June 16, 1918 in Limburg.

According to the “Stat.Civil” of 1891 (see photo on the right), which roughly means “Civil Statistical Yearbook”, his father was the 23 year old constructor Louis Francois Hasne, his mother was the 23 year old Louise Allexandrine Nicole.

Louis Eugene Alexandre Hasne married Yvonne Marie Wagner on 12/26/1916 in Cherbourg.

Unfortunately, there is no information on when Capitaine Hasne was drafted into the military and what, if any, occupation he had previously. According to the war diary of the 319 Regiment to which he belonged, his rank was “capitaine adjudant-major”, which is equivalent to a captain on the staff. Based on this rank, it can be assumed that Capitaine Hasne had a professional military career.

Capitaine Hasne belonged to the 3rd Company, 2nd Battalion, of the 319th Regiment of Infantry.

The war diary for the period 23.04.1917 to 10.6.1918 reports on page 100 of a friendly fire on the French troop unit to which Capitaine Hasne also belonged. He was wounded in the back by this friendly fire. During the night of 09 to 10 June 1918, he was missing/wounded in this fighting near Montdidier-Noyon. Presumably he was also taken prisoner on the same day.

According to information in a Topic on The Great War (1914-1918) Forum, the camp commander of the Limburg POW camp had informed the ICRC (International Committee of the Red Cross) that Capitaine Hasne had died of a wound to the back on June 16, 1918. He was buried in the POW cemetery there.

Capitaine Louis Eugene Alexandre Hasne

Birth information Louis Eugen Alexandre Hasne according to Stat.Civil of Cherbourg 1891 (left side, lower part)

Extract from the war diary of the 319 Regiment

Title page of war diary

Excerpt from the war diary-left page mention of Capitaine Hasne

Excerpt from the war diary-left page mention of Capitaine Hasne’s wounding.